about us

Veterinary Madical Aquatic animal Research Center (VMARC) is  an  organization  under the
Internal Medicine Unit. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  Chulalongkorn  University   Its main
mission is to be a learning organization for aquatic  veterinarians.  Both  at  the  bachelor's
degree, master's degree and doctoral level, which the Aquatic Disease Research Center has
provide academic services To meet the veterinary services for  aquatic  animals.   including
teaching,  research, and  treatmen   
also  create  and  research  in  the  science  of  disease
diagnosis and development of aquaculture with biological technology and genetics.

     From the past to the present A number   of academic papers have been published in   society,
for example, the nested-PCR method  of KHV virus detection in carp in Thailand, the   activation
of cytokine-like proteins in tilapia by   feeding B-1,3-glucan Immunostimulation in tilapia  using
C-UP III,etc. It also produces Documents  related to culture Eliminating disease for   distribution
to farmers many more items There   are  short-term  training  sessions  on  aquatic  animals  for
veterinarians,academics,farmers   and the general public.Including being a practice facility   and
visit work for students of the  Faculty  of   Veterinary  Science   from  various   universities  both 
domestically and internationally In addition to educational services, the Aquatic Animal  Disease
Research Center also works with other agencies to help correct the health of aquatic animals for
conservation,   such  as  the  rescue  of  marine   life  stranded   on  the   coast  for  the  Ministry
of Resources. as a consultant
to many aquariums both in Thailand  and  abroad   Another  major
mission is to provide academic services to the general public by providing treatment and advice
on the health of domesticated aquatic animals. and operates as a farm
     For more than 20 years, the Aquatic Animal Disease Research Center Nets focus on helping to
solve aquatic animal disease problems in both  economic  fish.  Beautiful  and  protected  aquatic
animals in  response   to  the  continuous  expansion  of  the  ornamental  fish  business  and the
demand for veterinary work in aquatic animal conservation in Thailand.

business hours

Aquatic Animal Disease Research Center is open for examination and treatment.
And suggesting health problems of aquatic animals

Monday - Friday time 9.00-12.00 , 13.00-16.00
Saturday . . .       time 9.00-12.00

*** However, before receiving the service, please contact 02-2518887 or 02-2189510
to make an appointment.